Slovakia vs Portugal LIVE SCORE: SVK 0-1 POR, Bruno Fernandes scores, EURO 2024 qualifiers, updates

Welcome to Sportstar’s live blog of the EURO 2024 qualifiers between Portugal and Slovakia, being played at the National football stadium in Slovakia. Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to be in action in this game. This is Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the minute-by-minute updates of this match.

Key Updates

  • Half-Time! SVK 0-1 POR
  • 43’ Goal! Bruno Fernandes scores
  • 42’ Haraslin almost scores for Slovakia!
  • 29’ Penalty call for Slovakia?
  • Kick Off!

Half-Time! SVK 0-1 POR - Bruno Fernandes’ lone goal keeps Portugal ahead at the half-way mark. Slovakia will find solace in the fact that they dominated the attack for the most part of the game and will hope to continue the same in the next half.

Portugal has returned to try and drag Slovakia out and punish the hosts with a counter-attack. But Slovakia is maintaining a balanced approach here.

43’ Goal! Bruno Fernandes scores - Bruno gets a pass from his left and makes a run, beating his markers and then shoots from the edge of the box to score from what was just Portugal’s second chance on goal.

42’ Haraslin almost scores for Slovakia! - Square passes and through balls almost punish Portugal, with Schranz crossing for Haraslin, who shoots just off-target.

Francesco Calzona, Slovakia’s head coach, continues to look on as his side tries to dominate the game. It has clearly looked the more attacking side tonight, if not better.

Portugal is looking to play with a three-man defence, with the focus more on attack through the flanks. However, nothing seems to have worked so far, with Slovakia at level terms, in attack, against Ronaldo’s side.

Ruben Dias gets the ball to Leao, who uses his long legs to get past Schranz but Pekarik stops the ball to give Portugal a corner. The resulting corner is cleared by Dubravka.

29’ Penalty call for Slovakia? - Duda carries the ball into the final third, is stopped by Palhinha with a sliding tackle but Haraslin takes the ball into the box. He goes down after a nudge off Dalot but the referee is not interested.

Slovakia is playing with square passes as Viking claps and cheers continue to motivate the hosts. Meanwhile, Ivan Schranz tries to get the ball off Palhinha and again gifts a free-kick to Portugal.

The home crowd continues to whistle as Portugal tries to frustrate the home team with back-passes. The match has Portugal royalty, Luis Figo, in attendance as the team looks to secure a spot in the European Championship.

Portugal is defending with everything they have as Slovakia tries to arch forward through a counter-attack. Ivan Schranz tries to head the ball in but ends up conceding a foul and ending that attack of the hosts.

Palhinha and Ruben Dias try back passes, trying to drag Slovakia out of its half, with Ronaldo making a run in the opposite side.

Both the teams have had very good chances so far but the goalkeepers have been presented with regulation saves.

Palhinha gets the ball to Vitinha as the ball moves smoothly off the feet to Bruno. the ball is delivered to the head of Ronaldo, whose cross falls to nobody.

Slovakia is controlling possession in its half, with simple passes, trying to stretch Portugal and find gaps to attack. It has found some so far, but nothing good enough to break the deadlock.

Bruno Fernandes gets the ball at the edge of the box. he makes a run to his left and instead of passing to Ronaldo on his left, decides to shoot, forcing a regulation save by Dubravka.

First shot of Ronaldo - Portugal is throwing its men forward and the ball, after a touch of Haraslin gets to Ronaldo, who tries to score on the volley. But the ball flies off-target.

Portugal tries to start an attack through the right flank and David Hansko steals the ball off.

Portugal clears the corner kick and then an attacking run by Slovakia is ruled off-side. The hosts are dominating the match in the last few minutes.

What a chance for Slovakia! - A long ball from the Slovakia defence catches Portugal napping as Schranz takes control of the ball, beats his marker but as he is surrounded by more defenders, he passes to Polievka, who gets it to Haraslin. The No. 17’s shot is blocked for a corner.

Over 22,000 fans have gathered at the National Stadium to support their home team and Slovakia, so far, has not disappointed.

Chance for Slovakia! - Pekarik carries the ball along the right flank, draws the defenders towards him and crosses for Polievka, who shoots on target, forcing a save by Costa.

Slovakia goes for an attack with Schranz stretching the Portugal defence. He cuts back for Kucka, who shoots off-target.

Portugal trying to stave off Slovakia’s attack along the left side of the midfield with one-touch football. However, Ondrej Duda steps on Bruno to give Portugal a free-kick and end that development.

Slovakia taking the long ball approach with Skriniar putting in a long diagonal ball, which finds a player and then the ball reached Duda, who eventually, loses the ball.

Clash of heads! Peter Pekarik and Raphael Leao try to get to the ball and end up clashing against each other’s heads. The medical team of both sides rush to help and are being checked for concussion. Eventually, both are back on their feet.

Reminiscence of old United days? - Cristiano gets the ball in the midfield, sprints and then passes it to Dalot on his right. The Man United full-back, tries to dribble...

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