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Bodies Bodies Bodies Movie Review

bodies bodies bodies is the latest from 824 and it's a horror Thriller comedy of sorts there's a lot going on here we're going to talk about it's about a group of Rich twenty-somethings who plan a hurricane party at a remote family Mansion but a party game soon turns deadly in this look at backstabbing fake friends and one party gone very very wrong when a 24 puts out a new horror movie I automatically want to see if they've given me a lot of great films over the years and course with this phone it was no different but this isn't a normal horror movie in many ways it's a satire and for that reason a lot of people are going to be divided on this movie I think there's aspects of the movie that I didn't necessarily connect with and there's aspects of the film that I thought were extremely clever what I've noticed over the years when it comes to satire in film not every audience member connects with it and sometimes it goes over their heads and that's because cuz I think we've become conditioned and that's because I think we've become conditioned to be informed when we're watching a comedy whether it's the musical score the editing choices gags that occur in the movie or even the poster design we know when we're watching a movie that's meant to make us laugh and so we go in ready to laugh but sometimes horror Thrillers that are also secretly satires in this case not so secretly sometimes that can put an audience off because they go in expecting one thing and they're handed something else this movie also has a very difficult asking that the majority of the characters in the movie are gen Z characters and it's also satirizing jenzie and so it's sort of poking fun at its own audience as well as the characters that are in it and not always poking fun sometimes the movie is vicious it is absolutely brutal towards the way people talked and people interact with each other the movies taking a huge risk in making fun of its own audience will also inviting them to come to the theater and support the film but I think it would be pulled it off very well I didn't find the movie mean inspirited I didn't get the sense that the writers and spirited I didn't get the sense that the writers and director were angry or rageful it just seemed like they found a really fun idea and a very good vehicle for mocking the way a lot of people have discourse on the internet nowadays the movies primary message perhaps being that we will inevitably destroy ourselves if we continue down this path and he uses the Very extreme lens of horror to communicate its point and while not every joke landed I mostly found myself very entertained by the choices in the movie and there were some things about the film that I thought were really impressive as already stated the movie mocks its own characters constantly but that also presents another challenge because you have characters who are super rich and are very privileged and are deciding to have a party during a hurricane so like that gives you your idea of like where they're at in their lives even though the movie is attempting to discuss class status and how we react to things that we experience in a V very extreme way nowadays you also extreme way nowadays you also have to deal with those characters for the whole movie which can get on your nerves a little bit because the characters are supposed to be so extreme that you start laughing but you do still have to spend a feature like runtime with some of them which can be annoying I was most impressed with Amandla Stenberg in the film I thought she was really good but I was also really happy to see the Maria bakalova is in a new film I thought she was incredible in Borat to legitimately one of the bravest performances I think I've ever seen and so I am really glad that she is not just going to be the girl from Borat to she's getting more opportunities to be in film and I'm just really happy for her cuz she's great in this movie too and they're supposed to be very annoying sometimes and if you're not on the movies wavelength that might be a chore for you I'll also say this movie's marketing is very clever it's made a lot of people think that it's a slasher and even critics are describing it as a slasher and I suppose even critics are describing it as a slasher and I suppose if you really wanted to you could call it that but I really don't think it should be marketed that way I think that that will only lead to disappointment this movie is more of a whodunit with some blood and gore mixed in occasionally to go in expecting a satirical Whodunnit that pokes fun at the way we discuss things online while also satirizing an entire Generation Well welcoming said generation into the theater to support the film I think you'll have a really good time with bodies bodies bodies to check it out when it comes to a theater near you guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more articles very soon.

Published On :15 Aug 2022

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Bodies Bodies Bodies Movie Review

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Bodies Bodies Bodies Movie Review

you can live forever is a new film that recently debuted at the Tribeca film festival and this is in fact a Jehovah's Witness rom....

Author : stream-solution
Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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