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DC League of Super Pets Movie Review

DC League of super passes a new animated film with voice talents like Dwayne Johnson Kevin Hart Kate McKinnon and a lot more and it's about a bunch of doggies and kitties and gerbils and stuff there's more to it it's also about Krypto the Superdog Voice by The Rock and Superman who are inseparable best friends sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side-by-side in Metropolis but crypto must Master his own powers for a rescue mission when Superman is kidnapped not exactly my most anticipated film of the Year by any means but certainly one of the most surprising this is actually an extremely funny movie very clever from start to finish it has jokes stacked upon jokes constantly if I saw this movie when I was like 12 every single day it's really fun and I had to actually sit down and ask myself why did it surprise me so much what about this movie prize me so much what about this movie just made me assume that it wouldn't be very good because it certainly isn't the talent involved the people who are on the directing side and the writing side of this movie have worked on films like Sonic the Hedgehog and the Lego Batman movie and it worked in the animation department for many other films that are also well-regarded so why the doubt why do we hear a certain films see promotional material and think well that's just going to be bad speaking just for myself I think it's that I was conditioned to think that a story about superheroes where the superheroes are in the background and it's actually more their pets doing stuff was just not going to be as interesting and aimed at children just to make money and that's just not the case it is incredibly clear that a lot of attention and Care went to the screenplay for this it's really good the screenplay for DC Liga Super Pets is very well-written it's actually rather compelling from a character perspective you have these animals that are in a shelter and before or they ever get superpowers your sort of envy they ever get superpowers your sort of invested in the fact that each one of them are just trying to find a home but they have very different things about themselves that don't exactly make them the most popular pet to adopt so the pimples on your heartstrings a little bit but it also has a way of making you care about all these characters way before they ever do any super stuff and similar to the Lego Batman movie this film has a really Keen sense of humor when it comes to poking fun at the superhero characters especially Batman voice by Keanu Reeves which is just a miracle he's excellent he's one of my favorite parts of the film and basically every time Batman says something in this movie it's pretty funny but without a doubt my favorite character in this movie is an elderly Turtle named Merton Voice by Natasha Lyonne every time that damn turtle opened her mouth I laughed I mean she is absolutely hilarious she's got a very dirty mind that Turtle she's constantly trying to get with things that aren't exactly Turtles but maybe kind of look like turtles because her eyesight is failing her and she has a lot of adult joke jokes I was actually really surprised by how many adults I was actually really surprised by how many adult jokes are in this movie way more than I've seen in an animated film in a long time it's not just for kids they have absolutely put quite a bit of jokes and humor for adults like I said if I was 12 when this movie came out I would love it but then as soon as I get a few more years older I would start to pick up on things and the movie would have this great way of recalibrating itself if you saw it for the first time as a kid it's a very smart way to write a family movie to write one that can evolve that for kids who see it they liked everything about it but it stays with them and becomes other things as they get older that is not easy to do but this phone pulled it off Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have worked together a lot at this point and I loved hearing their voices as these characters but I was really against surprise kind of the theme of this movie that Kate McKinnon was so great as Lulu she was phenomenal Her Voice work with top-notch look in regards to movies this summer has had some ups and downs but there is nothing like expecting there is nothing like expecting zero when you walk into a theater and just being handed something that is so much better than you thought I was going to be and you I mean I want to see it again I would actually go and see this movie go cdc's super but it sounds like it would be like an extra additional content on a streaming platforms like subscribers that is amazing thank you so much for continuing to support this Channel and support me over the years it means the world as I've always said but truly like you guys know how much you have helped in various ways just impact my life for the good and again thank you so much and go see DC League DC Lego super it's not bad at all I really had a great 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Published On :15 Aug 2022

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DC League of Super Pets Movie Review

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DC League of Super Pets Movie Review

bodies bodies bodies is the latest from 824 and it's a horror Thriller comedy of sorts there's a lot going on here we're going to....

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Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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