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Halloween Kills Movie Review

Tonight we're talking about Halloween kills the sequel to the 2018 Revival film Halloween once again starring Jamie Lee Curtis as we last saw Laurie Strode and her family Michael Myers was burning alive in her house this phone picks up with some firefighters who unfortunately rescue him from set event unleashing him on Haddonfield once again on the last film twists and a lot of humor that kind of took me out of the experiencing and didn't feel like Halloween to me and I understand that there are plenty of people who enjoy that film and that's great I'm glad you like Halloween to me I just want to watch a Halloween movie it's October I just want to experience a film that reminds me of why I love this franchise so much even some of the Lesser installments I have found entertainment value in when it comes to any popular franchise there tends to be pockets of fans people who watch the films are read the books or watch the TV show for different reasons like some people just want to watch Star Wars to see lightsaber fights and ships that shoot each other and blow up other people really love the deeper mythology of Star Wars when it comes to Halloween some people just want to watch an atmospheric creepy movie where guy and William Shatner mask goes around killing people on Halloween and other people look forward to a deeper mythology or lure when it comes to Michael Myers being Lori's brother as has been retcons now and the cult development in the later films that I really think anybody too much likes but some people want more of the Halloween films some people want them to be be a little bit deeper and have more characterization a little bit deeper and have more characterization where I think the movie that most fans agree is the best was the first one John Carpenter's original which is an atmospheric creepy movie where Michael Myers kills people when it comes to characterization and anything else Michael Myers Halloween kills is more like that when it comes to furthering the storyline characterization interesting developments not so much with this one if you were a big fan of the 2018 film I could see this movie disappointing you I could see you wanting a deeper storyline more progression for the characters but if you watch Halloween to see Michael Myers brutally kill people in an atmospheric and creepy location with a bunch of Halloween decorations everywhere that's Halloween kills the title is very accurate he kills a lot of in this movie and it is extremely bloody one of the blood and it is extremely bloody one of the bloody or installments for sure it definitely feels like a bridge film in that Lori's character is kind of sideline during this movie which makes sense she is an older woman she was mortally wounded in the first film and like the original Halloween to she has to go to a hospital that the whole film doesn't take place in the hospital but if you want more of Lori she's in the movie for sure but she isn't necessarily the focus it is very clear they're ramping up for some sort of final confrontation in the third film and I'm sure people will really enjoy seeing that and I have a feeling that if you don't enjoy Halloween kills it'll work much better if you can watch all three in a row if you can just pop in the next Blu-ray or click next on your streaming service and see the next film that'll probably be a better experience in the future because this is without a doubt an incomplete story I think most people are obviously s*** ain't going to end in this one is going to be another one so a considerably which I appreciate it I don't really watch the Halloween movies for jokes never did and I was happy that there was less when it comes to the kills there is more of a focus on them the score is great feels like classic John Carpenter but there's some new Tunes in there that I really liked and there's also an interesting development when it comes to flashing back to the original 1978 night and the way those sequences were shot really did look like a late 70s movie I was very impressed they usually can't pull that off you can always kind of tell but they hairstyles the art Direction everything onset but also just the way it looked like the darker areas of the screen were like pitch-dark it had that filmic look Myers also and I was pretty happy to see that when it comes to the Halloween films I am in the camp that watches them for atmosphere for creep factor for the coziness of Halloween and the look of trick-or-treat in the decorations and seeing the look of trick-or-treat in the decorations and seeing Michael Myers kill people and the music and all of that I really love those aspects of the first Halloween movie and I think that whenever they try to kind of go beyond that it always lost something but always lost some of that visceral feel that I got from that original film and so I was happy that this film dialed that back a little bit but I can also understand that for some fans that might be disappointing especially if you like the 2018 film so that's just my warning to you if you really like the 2018 film you might find yourself a little disappointed in that this movie is more of a pure scare Murder movie I am very happy to see this October but it is an incomplete come there's not a resolution and so some people are going to leave like I got to wait for the next one for a group of dudes create a little mini militia to try to hunt down Michael Myers create a little mini militia to try to hunt down Michael Myers and the entire town is like we are sick of this s*** and they all just kind of Kratom mob and you see some consequences to that kind of chaos and I like that the film explored the idea of a monster Michael Myers creating other monsters and people were losing their minds and doing things that they normally wouldn't do because they know this murderers out on the loose that was really smart and I've never seen a Halloween film explore the town of Haddonfield actually crumbling within itself the citizens of Haddonfield doing terrible things in the name of hunting down Michael Myers so it's not like it's just a movie where Michael Myers kills people it does explore the ramifications of someone showing up in a small place like this and doing that and it's also realistic and that Jamie Lee Curtis is in a hospital open the last movie it's not like she can just stomp out into the night and confront this insanely powerful psychopath who probably isn't entirely human so I liked that they were able to still make it fun and fast and the pace moves very quickly basically the motherfukers killing people from the beginning and kills people and hopefully it made me feel better than the last one did it felt more right to me it was fast-moving the attempts at characterization work pretty well and like I said I really like the idea of a town slowly being chipped away at by this madman he is actually destroy drawing a town through his actions so it makes him more than sing a town through his actions so it makes him more than just a guy who pops out of closet and stabs you guys thank you for continuing to reading this article.

Published On :15 Aug 2022

Stony Beach
Halloween Kills Movie Review

happy Halloween everyone I hope you guys have a phenomenal day and that your Halloween season was a good one to you it was for me I had a really good ...

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Halloween Kills Movie Review

happy Halloween everyone I hope you guys have a phenomenal day and that your Halloween season was a good one to you it was for me ....

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Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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