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Nope Movie Review

nope is written and directed by Jordan Peele The Man Behind get out and us as well as a lot of movies produced recently in this film stars Daniel kaluuya and Keke Palmer they run a business in Hollywood that provides horses for movies to do stunts work this business was started by their father played by Keith David and one night on their Ranch during a strange power outage they begin to see shapes moving in and out of the clouds and they realize they may have found the discovery of a lifetime I'm not going to get into any specifics but I will say that peel and his cast have all used as specific term when discussing what's in the sky we've seen trailers they've shown stuff I feel like it's public knowledge at this point that the movie is relating to a certain subject and sub-genre of horror and science-fiction so if you don't know anyting I will talk at least about that moving forward so this movie takes inspiration from a lot forward so this movie takes inspiration from a lot of films that I love namely Close Encounters of the Third Kind signs Jaws but it borrows from those movies in a very loving way just as every film does that mean everyone's inspired in some way shape or form from the movies they've seen before especially ones that really had an impact on them and it's clear with this movie that peel has a big love for Steven Spielberg movies because more so than any film he's made this feels like his grandest achievement when it comes to all inspiring visuals what he's done in this movie with the cinematographer is astounding I have never in my life seen nighttime sequences this gorgeous I'm not entirely sure how they did it I am blown away that's very rare for me to it to see a film and be like yeah I I have no idea how they did that when Daniel caluya is looking at the sky and something is moving in and out of the clouds it tapped into a childhood fear of mine that I've never been able to fully explain Lane when I was a kid I was walking out when I was a kid I was walking out of the Kingdom Hall but all my Jehovah's Witness friends and something was in the sky and it really scared the s*** out of me for whatever reason a blimp was flying really low that day I don't know why I don't know if it was some kind of event or if it was just a landing nearby or something but this giant massive thing I mean I could hear like the engine I could feel the rumble of it it was that close when overhead scared the s*** out of me I must have been 45 years old I didn't know what I was looking at and I've never seen a flying object that close to the ground before even since and ever since then I've had this strange phobia about like floating away or like releasing a balloon and then gravity takes it I think they actually touch on it a little bit in this movie I've never known what to call it there's probably an name for it whether it's on Urban Dictionary or it's Anna a name for it whether it's on Urban Dictionary or it's an accepted fear but this movie tapped into that for me because the sequence is showing this thing going in and out of the clouds sent chills down my spine and I loved every second of it when this thing shows up electricity gets all f***** up and there's a great device uses with these I don't know what they're called those like dancing things that are outside of like car washes and s*** they're all over this Ranch and they're dancing in the wind and whenever this thing is nearby you see large patches of them just go electricity controlling the air goes away and I found that to be an excellent device for building suspense Daniel kaluuya is really good you feel a lot of pain in this guy he's really great with silence it's really hard to find actors who are excellent at that and and really just letting you read a lot of emotion without saying anything Keke Palmer is probably the standout she is like an infectious explosion of energy I thought she was so good in the movie blowsion of energy I thought she was so good in the movie and just like Kiehl's last couple movies this film is really funny and I don't think people realize how hard that is to it to ride that line it's such a tough balance it's a tightrope walk to have comedy mixed in with horror and sci-fi and social commentary and it's really difficult to pull off and I found the movie had a great balance of laughing and sometimes even in the middle of Korra where the title comes into play and it creates that laugh I just thought it was extremely well done the movie is also fairly complex in a few areas it has a lot to say about the way people consume media how we view tragedy and how we can even monetize tragedy sometimes the movie has a lot of targets and it hits a lot of them fairly effectively and there was never a scene where I felt board or like why am I watching this but there is a lot to take away from this movie and I think a lot of different perspectives are really going to have a penny has about things one thing that I definitely noticed about things one thing that I definitely noticed is that this movie is in many ways a love letter to crew if you were concept before for a movie or you've made films of your own you're going to hear terms that stick out and have meaning to you but it's also about main characters who work as horse trainers for movies who haven't necessarily gotten the respect they deserve nipple mixer pointed referencing that sometimes people involved with Monumental achievements and film are not recognized and eventually the film leads to a riveting action sequence on this Ranch where Daniel kaluuya is riding a horse trying to achieve something while wearing a hoodie that he received while working crew on an early 2000's movie I'm not going to spoil it cuz it was a hilarious choice for the movie but on the back of this hoodie says crew and you're seeing that while he's doing amazing things and I felt that was a love letter to people who are behind the scenes making movies that don't often get the praise that they deserve but the film references quite often a tragedy that happened on the set of a TV show in a day and I could see this sequence and I could see this sequence not necessarily making a point for some people and there's a lot of ways to view it but what I took away from it is the number of things but I sort of zeroed in on media film news books everything in general has sort of a cyclical nature of just eating itself constantly something terrible happened people find a way to make money off of it traumas associated with it and it just keeps happening over and over and over and over and over and I thought that was really interesting and I don't necessarily know if that's what you was going for but I also think that feels the kind of filmmaker that gives his films to the audience and says make what you want of this and I really love that about all of his movies like for instance that tragedy that the film talks about from the 90s on this TV show set a character in the movie was there for that and you see that that was very traumatizing but later on that character is accepting a large sum of money for people to just be around memorabilia from that show and so there's a lot there you could say that we cast aside and so there's a lot there you can say that we cast aside people who were involved in things and just treat them as ways of like both filling our Strange fantasies even though it was traumatizing for them but you can also say that this person is now making a lot of money off of said tragedy and that's interesting to there's also a cinematographer in the movie who will go to extreme lengths to get the perfect shot even when they've already got a pretty good shot and that creates some interesting development so I think that if you make movies or have a job of any kind in the film industry you're going to get a lot more out of this movie for me he's 343 I know not everybody likes us and probably not everybody will like nope and I'm sure the people who don't like get out but for me I've liked all of them I think he's great I can't wait to see what he does next and you might be wondering why there's an Akira VHS behind me and that's because there is in fact and Omar's to that film in nope I mean it's like you can't miss it if you're in Acura fan and it's even cooler because the chance to direct a live-action version Jordan Peele was offered the chance to direct the live-action version of Akira but he turned it down and he was quoted as saying he wanted to focus on making original content and if this this type of condom wants to make him here for it it's just awesome and I loved it and I hope you guys enjoy it too thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more articles very soon.

Published On :15 Aug 2022

Stony Beach
Nope Movie Review

happy Halloween everyone I hope you guys have a phenomenal day and that your Halloween season was a good one to you it was for me I had a really good ...

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Nope Movie Review

happy Halloween everyone I hope you guys have a phenomenal day and that your Halloween season was a good one to you it was for me ....

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Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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