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The Others Movie Review

talking about one of my favorite Haunted House movies ever made and that is Alejandro Amanda bars the others the film stars Nicole Kidman as a mother in 1945 whose children are photosensitive to light just the tiniest bit of Sun Life could be potentially deadly to our children so she keeps the curtains closed all day doors for every rumor always shut and locked whenever you enter a new one and she tells all of these rules to two new housekeepers and a gardener as they start work at her house early in the film things get weird when I leave housekeeper tells Nicole Kidman that she has worked in this house before and knows it like the back of her hand and soon after that she starts hearing noises everywhere seeing strange things for children complain about a young boy that speaking to them in the middle of the night name Victor and from there starts one of the most gorgeous Haunted House movies ever made the others is immaculately shot it's such a beautiful looking movie The Fog the house is constantly surrounded in the use of candle light for some scenes instead of traditional lighting and a thrilling sense of movement and paste that never dwindles I've always like this movie Pace that never dwindles I've always liked this movie I like it when the first time I saw it in the early 2000s but it took many years for me to love it I'm not exactly sure why but I do have an idea of why and this is going to involve some spoilers if you have not seen the others and you don't know about the film's ending I'm going to talk about that soon and that is your warning I hope you do see it it's great for those of us who have seen it or who don't care about spoilers I'm going to talk about that now becomes ending of course is that everyone in this house Nicole Kidman or children and the housekeepers there all debt they're all ghosts and they're actually the ones haunting the living house the sounds that they've been hearing are the real living people who are there who are also complaining to their family about the ghosts that are in their house and so in a way we have an inverted Haunted House story we're watching the ghost discover that their dad or at least half of them discovered that their dead throughout the course of the movie before eventually accepting that fate and then we see what the real family that's actually living she is going through as Nicole Kidman and her chill is going through as Nicole Kidman and her children haunt their home it's a great idea and I loved it now but when I first saw it I didn't because in 1999 The Sixth Sense happened and I guess spoilers if you haven't seen this movie but I'd be surprised if you somehow didn't know about the twist after that I basically thought that the Sixth Sense owned the twist of your character was actually dead the whole movie so when the others came out I couldn't help but be reminded of The Sixth Sense and I didn't loved attending the first time I saw the movie over the years after subsequent re-watches I have come to truly appreciate this movie as well as the ending to the point that initial concern doesn't even cross my mind anymore it's one of the things I talked about in my review for I Know What You Did Last Summer sometimes when you take a movie out of historical context the thing that bothered you before just doesn't anymore it's been so many years since the film came out and you don't really care about those initial thoughts because it's been removed now from popular culture and you can just view the film on its own merits and there is not a scene in the others out of place this is a fantastically constructed out of place this is a fantastically constructed jigsaw puzzle of a movie and I absolutely f****** a door it now I have to talk a lot of s*** about fall scares and movies you know when somebody puts their hand on a shoulder and you turn around but it's just your best friend or a f****** bird flies out of the shed or whatever you know we've seen it all before the others has one of the best fall scares of all time that is Nicole Kidman didn't even get nominated for a Golden Globe doing things with Nicole Kidman so she has to match her and where these kids could have tank the entire film if the performances weren't on point they are also I love that Alejandro amenabar composed the musical score for the film as well so with writing and directing and musical score this is his vision and his vision is finely tuned it every f****** seeing and knowing the twist you can look back on the rest of the movie and kind of test the film as each Scene goes on you can say like is this cheating is this treating know it never does the twist works extremely well if we contextualizes the entire movie and it doesn't sheet and it makes the second watch and even better experience the others is one of my favorite horror films and I'm going to give it an A-Plus performance is writing production design cinematography music directing it's all top-notch everything about this movie really works and I think that the only way you can really doc points from it is if you're just not a fan of her or if you are a fan of horror this is the benchmark if you are a fan of horror this is The Benchmark for this type of film it doesn't get much better than this I would however recommend checking out the Innocents 1961 movie based off of Henry James book the turn of the screw that's a good one and obviously the others took some inspiration from that film guys I hope you're enjoying .

Published On :15 Aug 2022

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The Others Movie Review

suspect that an alien cooler to begin to suspect that an alien invasion is taking place and that their school is Ground Zero I had this movie recorde...

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The Others Movie Review

suspect that an alien cooler to begin to suspect that an alien invasion is taking place and that their school is Ground Zero I ha....

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Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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