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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Movie Review

happy Halloween everyone I hope you guys have a phenomenal day and that your Halloween season was a good one to you it was for me I had a really good time as usual talking about movies with you guys this year and this background I love this sentence always so much fun and some of you may have wondered if I would be doing this article this year we're talking about Halloween 6 the Curse of Michael Myers have given anything below a B minus and bashing new films but I think with Halloween 6 I can make an exception because I review the Halloween movie every single year for the past 6 years Halloween 6 and I really want to talk about H2O next year because that film holds a special place in my heart but the direction for my channel has mostly been that I don't want to talk negatively about new films that are new and I could have a negative impact on the film's box-office or the reception of the film in some way but the curse of Michael Myers is special because the entire cast and crew have disowned this film I don't think I'm going to offend anybody If I Stay that Halloween 6 ain't that great it's a very special night of the year for many reasons it's Halloween but also you guys get a negative review for me something I haven't done for many months before I even talked about the film itself I want to talk about the production of Halloween 6 there are two versions of this movie there's a theatrical cut one that most everyone saw for a very long time then there's the producers cut that now has a Blu-ray release but didn't used to there was a terrible quality version of it circulating back in the day and it was one of those things you might buy at a convention and some bootleg or something and it would look really a bad I never saw the producers cut until it was on I never saw the producers cut until it was on Blu-ray Donald Pleasence unfortunately passed away after shooting the movie and they wanted to reshoot most of the third act and so doing they couldn't have Donald Pleasence come back so they had to find a way to incorporate seems they had already shot and a theatrical with Pleasants into new reshoots so they had to have everything make sense of Paul Rudd and everybody else interact within the scenes they had shot with Donald Pleasence as well as other actors and somehow Stitch it all together and it's so doing Halloween 6 the theatrical cut has one of the most inexplicable endings ever the differences between the two have been covered extensively on YouTube the YouTube channel dead meat has a really good comparison so I'm not going to do too much of that you can check out their video it's really great for the most part it's the third act that was change the most for the very warm doesn't really make sense for the Halloween season when it comes to a plot Halloween 6 is basically a continuation of the thorn cult storyline which nobody likes they try to explain Michael Myers Obsession and all of his murderous Tendencies Away by making him be part of a cult with a ritual and a baby and it's stupid no longer is he the embodiment of evil and he's not even a crazy guy who broke out of an asylum he's part of a ritual this film was written by Daniel for Ron's I've spoken extensively about his photography on my channel in the past he's made Stones like the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson The Haunting of Sharon Tate this year and credit and he's Paul Rudd now and so it's kind of funny to watch him in this movie especially scenes where he's hardcore creeping on the girl across the street with this massively tall window two sizes whole goddamn body the film warns you early on with some really horrendous editing choices in this is in both Cuts there's like 90s p*** transitions where the worst things about Halloween 6 is what they do with Michael Myers he's basically contractually obligated to be in this movie shows up every once in awhile and doesn't really have much to do he's just eases their he just kind of a every once awhile to kill somebody the theatrical cut the debts are very mean-spirited and very bloody especially with Jamie unnecessarily violence even to the point where it where it's kind of bothered me that I was disturbed by the actual violence but the overuse of it and it's the actual The Producers cut is much more reasonable and this one kind of makes Myers very sadistic and makes it seem like he wants to kill people just for like the art of killing it do people just for like the art of killing it and then the producers cut it's more like now he's just there's a person it seems like he was kind of engrossed in the art of killing and torturing and maiming and it was just it wasn't right didn't feel right you can tell that Harvey Weinstein and he was f****** terrible with horror by the way he had a few good things with screen what's a head pretty bad movie Jamie escapes this cult with a baby that is called once this baby and Michael Myers house who wants this baby and everybody's after Jamie to find this baby and so she decides to hide the baby and you don't really know what happened to the child for a while we'll get back to this but some kind of has to protect us there's Tommy Doyle and caressed Road and it's so Random like what they do like they're both kind of off on their own thing and Pleasants playing Loomis comes in every once in awhile to give a speech realized something slimy gross German fested slap on the ground if it's blood if it's just some nastiness some kind of liquid thing that looks like bodily fluids in a movie bring up to their mouth and sniffing or something all the time people always got a touch the gooey Gunk why I'm telling you watch any movie where there's something on the ground and it looks like some slimy shebib always dip their fingers in it so Paul Rudd is listening to a radio show that everybody in Haddonfield apparently listens to this radio show is responsible for a great amount of exposition related to the Michael Myers story and while he's listening to what he overhears a distress call from Jamie Lloyd and he's able to pinpoint where she is and go there the following day while he's there he discovers blood but apparently nobody in this very public place ever saw and even funnier he discovers the baby in the bathroom parently this baby's been in a Cupboard overnight a newborn baby like literally born a few days ago this baby has just been in a Cupboard overnight and you're telling me not a single person heard this child crying not a single person walking that bath not a single person walk in that bathroom and saw blood and and noticed that there was a f****** newborn child in a Cupboard f****** insane so he takes the baby and he's carrying the baby around for a long time and I keep in mind this thing's been in a f****** cupboard all night and he's still carrying the baby around and nobody's feeding this poor child forget Michael Myers is anybody is there a single person watching this article whoever went oh my God it's never scary ever that she survived this attack they keep her alive for no real reason because she just dies in the hospital if she dies twice wasn't enough and then being not quite murdered by him wasn't enough they allow her to just suffer in pain and torment in a hospital bed and then died again what's the point of that s*** so they're very creepy radio show host finally shows up in person and does this onstage like guesses way I guess he thought that was a good idea and then he dies when he goes into the wrong van cuz Michael Myers kills him and now he's in the van like honestly truthfully where did he go did he just did he just walk all that way and then just get in a random van and just kind of crouched in the back and wait for this guy to that's actually really really dumb wow and the next seen some people are having sex and what I find very funny about this scene is that they'll it like ten candles take it from me when you're horny you don't like candles when you're horny you don't like candles you just get in there is it all this culture is going down they have to try to find a way to end it and save this baby's life and Cara just jumped out of the window that's one way out of the scenario I meant that is probably not something they expected just look how stupid everybody looks this just looks like Manos the hands of fate or something Boeing night whenever it appears he appears Michael murdered his sister Judith again give me the background and that's the that's the ending of the theatrical cut that's mind-blowing how just open to interpretation that is but not in a good way cuz if you watch The Producers cut you have Loomis go back inside and the thorn tattoo transfers over to his arm and he screams which by the way that should be a meme and the meme should be when the tattoo didn't turn out the way you thought it would Halloween sex is bad it's a bad one it's a bad movie guys it's not good like I said older films like this every once in awhile it has been another really fun Halloween special thank you so much for watching the 9th Annual Halloween special hope you guys do check out the playlist but I'll link here in just a second you can watch all the videos I did this month I had such a great time you guys are the best look for more articles very soon.

Published On :15 Aug 2022

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Movie Review

I still have my ticket for this movie I remember seeing in the theater remember exactly where I was sitting it was a very fun experience and over the ...

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Movie Review

I still have my ticket for this movie I remember seeing in the theater remember exactly where I was sitting it was a very fun expe....

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Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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