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I Saw the Devil Movie Review

that I would highly recommend wertheim called A Tale of Two Sisters that I would highly recommend checking out as well early in the film we see a young woman abducted by a crazed psychopath and this man does horrific things to her some of them we see some of them are suggested and implied when her body parts are found amongst the sewage yeah this is a f*****-up movie her boyfriend seeks ultimate Revenge but this isn't just a normal Revenge story this isn't just about finding someone and killing them the unique Twist of this film is that every single time this guy captures the killer he'll inflict some damage on him and set him free they'll break an arm Hill bash his skull in but he won't kill him he lets him go because he wants this man to suffer but the film reaches Heights that other movies don't because this guy is the perfect opposition for our hero because while he's being tortured psychologically and physically he starts to kind of enjoy it and figure out just exactly zactly how he can f*** with our hero by Mae play how he can f*** with our hero by making the hero think that all of these things don't have it impact on him and so these two going head-to-head is one of the best cat-and-mouse movies I've ever seen because of not just people trapped in a house or in one location it's all over the place these people are constantly being released and caught and released and caught again and beaten up and tortured and then released and then beaten up and tortured again and it does not get old because each sequence shows us these things in a new and interesting way I was watching the film and I was like should I put this in the Halloween special and I was like f*** there is decapitation dismemberment there's a cannibal in this movie it is insanely violent and gory absolutely should be in the Halloween special this film is so beautiful somehow despite all of the Carnage there's an emotional chord to this movie that is so raw and so real the characters really shine through and it never feels cheesy or melodramatic even though it is in danger juror of becoming one of those stoic hero of becoming one of those stoic hero movies who kills people who harmed his girl and it's never like that and that's because it's anchored by two fantastic performances seeing these men go head-to-head psychologically and physically is enthralling screenwriters are always talking about rules here's where this should happen the inciting incident has happened on this page the midpoint turn character should discover these things here you need to have a sequence here here and a lot of movies like this one out of Korea just don't really give a s*** about any of that for instance if I were to ask the director whose perspective am I following throughout this movie he probably just say the characters because you're with the villain alone a lot of times and you see his perspective how he kills people and you're with the hero a lot of time to see his perspective how we planning on catching and eventually releasing the killer once again a lot of movies pick a POV f****** incredible and he's actors do so much of it themselves like this car stunts for instance very is stepping out of the car after swerving through traffic at the kind of stuff that you only see like Tom Cruise doing in America depart the violence is really gory and very realistic so if that's not your thing if you're kind of squeamish probably shouldn't watch this one there's even a shot in the film I won't spoil it for you just in case you haven't seen the movie but usually when something that occurs to one of the characters happens to the character in the movie there's a cutaway to an obvious doll fake head CGI head whatever this movie Blends it all into one shot you're watching something happen without a cut and it's unnerving f****** amazing tell us about two-and-a-half f****** amazing tell us about two and a half hours long and it never drags there's not a boring sequence because every scene feels tense even smaller moments were characters are interacting about something that maybe might not be important feels important the actors are so strong the directing the cinematography and the writing is so strong if you're in the mood for a really gory violent f***** up Korean movie this Halloween season definitely check out I saw the devil it is worth it I'm going to give the film an A+ goddess movies.

Published On :15 Aug 2022

Stony Beach
I Saw the Devil Movie Review

Tonight about the X-Files fight The Future despite being a subtitle on nearly every single poster the actual title of the movie is just the X-Files wh...

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I Saw the Devil Movie Review

Tonight about the X-Files fight The Future despite being a subtitle on nearly every single poster the actual title of the movie is....

Author : stream-solution
Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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