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The Black Phone Movie Review

the black phone is directed by Scott Derrickson and written by him and see Robert Cargill based off of a short story by Joe Hill after being abducted by a child killer and locked in a soundproof basement a thirteen-year-old boy starts receiving calls on a disconnected phone from The Killers previous victims you guys have followed my Channel 4 years you know I love Scott Derrickson horror films movies like Sinister in The Exorcism of Emily Rose I think he makes really good horror films for adults that are very smart that I've limited jump-scares and when there are jump-scares they're really f****** strong and they're rarely ever fall scares and the black phone was something I was very excited see since there was one of my favorite horror movies. And I think Emily Rose is extremely underrated and so walking into the blackphone this movie had a lot to prove and I like it more than both of those films I think it's a better movie than Sinister I think sinister's fuckingawesome soda I think sinister's fuckingawesome so that's saying something man this movie has so much going for it in every way and it's also a production that I imagine wasn't exactly easy to shoot its majority child actors the casting process is always extremely important but even more so when you know that the quality of your phone is going to hinge on the ability of a child actor and everyone in this movie is really good in particular Mason Thames who plays Finney and Madeline McGraw who plays his sister Gwen and I'm not going to get too into the plot because I honestly didn't know anything about the movie except for Ethan Hawke plays a child killer and that was enough of course plus the talent who made the film the film has so much going for the 1970s setting for instance there's a lot of fun Easter eggs of old TV shows and movies and things like that and I think it would have been easy to to pick this era as very innocent and Ethan Hawke's character known as the Grabber being this one thing was just destroying all this innocence but everyone in the Moon movie is going through some s*** kids it's he is going through some s*** kids at school Pummel other kids bloody there's fights constantly abusive parents it's not depicted with rose-colored glasses and I really like that just movies dark and it goes places that surprised me and that genuinely unsettled me Ethan Hawke is amazing he's so good it's been a long time since there's been a new masked killer of some kind in a film that had any impact on me whatsoever but the Grabber is awesome and I love what they did with the masks there's changing masks constantly that sort of suit his mood various times and I thought that was brilliant real characters they don't feel like stock characters the scares feel real and it's not just like constant jump-scares every 10 minutes it's situational horror it's Terror you feel like bad things are happening to people that you care about and there's the handful of jump-scares that work very well 1 + 40 ocular that really got me gave me a really good joke that really got me gave me a really good joke but you're scared because of excellent sound design a musical score by Mark Covan who's amazing and the fact that you really want this kid to escape and there's steaks buildup around how many kids you know did not escape and every time that phone ring and you think he might get a new clue of how we could Escape you want him to do it and you're caring about him along the way without getting too much into the plot because I didn't know this going in there is a character in the movie who has dreams that are integral to the story and the way they shot those dreams was sort of to look like old film and it really felt like Sinister to me felt like connective tissue to that movie and I thought it work really well but they do some really cool things with those dreams that I imagined was very difficult to accomplish on the page and make feel natural you guys should really check out the black phone it's very very good and as far as like short stories adapter into features I think it's one of the best the features I think it's one of the best I loved everything about it the audience I saw it with was cheering at various moments and well that sometimes can be annoying if you're feeling it and you feel like the movie deserves that kind of reaction there isn't quite anything like experiencing that in the theater so in this case it really work for me because I was on the ride but this movie gave me so much as always for watching look forward to more videos very soon I am deep into post-production on Shelby Oaks right now and I will be probably for like I don't even know many months it's going to be a long process for finding the movie and working on sound editing and be effects and stuff like that and score which I can't wait for in so I'm just excited to to really get into that but over the next few months as we continue into post-production I'll talk about movies I see and share my opinions on them with you and keep giving you updates on Shelby Oaks along the way going to be fun thank you so much.

Published On :15 Aug 2022

Stony Beach
The Black Phone Movie Review

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The Black Phone Movie Review

Tonight we're talking about Halloween kills the sequel to the 2018 Revival film Halloween once again starring Jamie Lee Curtis as ....

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Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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