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The X Files: Fight the Future

Tonight about the X-Files fight The Future despite being a subtitle on nearly every single poster the actual title of the movie is just the X-Files which is a really boring title for a movie especially if you're in a conversation with other fans and you're trying to differentiate what you're talking about you like yeah I love the X-Files what the movie the show the show because I need to know what they're called and they have to be different so I'm going to call it fight The Future this film is a course based off the wildly popular show that started as kind of a cult hit but eventually got more and more popular takes place after season 5 and right before the start of season 6 as many of you know the show was incredibly influential to me it was one of the very few shows that I kind of got away with watching as a kid that was kind of violent I don't actually know how I think it was one of those things that my mom just didn't tell my dad about and we just kind of like we just washed it my dad about and we just kind of like we just washed it and we just didn't tell him at least we just did it like I don't know if it felt so special every Sunday night to be able to watch new episode of The X-Files and it really informed me as a Storyteller as a kid in middle school and we got a creative writing assignment which I always loved I hated writing about historical figures and random s*** like that I wanted to write stories that were fictional and fun and exciting I've course Road my own X-Files episode this was sixth grade in my teacher pick me to be one of the students to read their story aloud in front of the class I don't know if she realize that I had written like a 30-page X-Files treatment that was a novel form and I just read it in front of everybody for the whole class think I took up most of the 45-minute. I got an A+ but that was a long f****** presentation this film had a daunting task it had to please hardcore fans people that been there since season one who were wrapped up in the story who knew who the characters were the filmmakers couldn't insult those fans by resetting up everything and pretending like nobody knows resetting up everything and pretending like nobody knows anything but it also had to be good enough and understandable for the average viewer somebody who just watch this movie in the theater had never seen the show before and maybe could be converted into a fan after seeing the film and I think they succeeded the movie holds up very well I just re-watched it last night's been awhile since I've seen it and I think they did a really good job and doing all of those things I was watching it from the perspective of will this be the type of movie that an average viewer can enjoy and I watched it with a friend of mine who has seen enough X-Files to kind of get it but certainly is not a fan and definitely has not watched the whole show and he loved the movie and he was very easily able to understand what was going on this film of course follows Mulder and Scully play by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Motors and FBI agent who believes in the Paranormal whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was a child and spends his days in the basement at the FBI officers trying to prove that UFOs and paranormal things exist list Scully was assigned to debunk his findings Scully was assigned to debunk his findings and be a skeptic someone who can actually come in there with scientific evidence says it's b******* here's why this is really happening so they butt heads and of course there's a romance that blossoms that for many many seasons fans were left wondering when they would ever kiss or if they would ever kiss or what would ever happen and the film as a scene where we almost got that but not quite so as far as films based off of TV shows I think this is one of the best I really love this movie I think it's extremely tight it's very well paste this movie has three great openings intro scene with cavemen discovering an alien leads into a scene where kids fall into that same Cavern in present-day which brings us to Mulder and scully's introduction they're searching for a bomb there's been a bomb threat and since the X-Files at this point in the continuity of the show have been closed they're doing normal FBI agent stuff and this of course leads them into a larger conspiracy because when this bomb goes off there's Mist serious dead bodies that appear in the rubble serious dead bodies that appear in the rubble dead bodies that seem like they've been dead long before that bomb went off and mother wanders was this bomb threats and this explosion just a cover-up to hide three dead bodies that they wanted to disappear actually a really smart setup and this was directed by Rob Bowman later made Reign of Fire and electric this is definitely his best film and he's a very strong capable director I wish that I could watch more films directed by him I think he's a fantastic especially are on-point nearly every scene has some kind of cliffhanger and then an image right when the next one starts that jolts you into that scene and just keeps you glued much has been said about the chemistry between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and it certainly doesn't disappoint here they work extremely well together and are absolutely adorable in the past few years we've had a big push to have strong independent women characters in film and that's great but a lot of people forget about Scully about Scully about the gist of the past five seasons without sounding to Exposition me without being boring and without as I said insulting longtime fans they found a really clever way of doing that molder is drunk and he's rambling to a bartender when she asks him what he does the key figure in an ongoing government charade plot to conceal the truth No One Believes Me, I'm an annoyance to my superiors a joke to my peers that call me spooky spooky Mulder's sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid and now chases after little green man with a badge and a gun shot into the heavens or anyone will listen to fix is Hannah to sky is falling and when it hits is going to be the shitstorm of all time and really nasty things that they get away with because it is creature related it's monster it's Goofy and stuff but there's some f*****-up Gordon the film to and I always impressed me for a PG-13 the film also looks great Rob Bowman has tons of great frames in this movie and if you put corn fields in a movie you're just going to it's just going to get me I don't know it just always does even if the movies not great the cornfields it just add something to what I love them and the following seen that takes place in this chamber filled with bees watching it last night I was really taken by how phenomenal it looks why does it look so good they had an actual beekeeper their onsets throwing bees on David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson this entire sequence is riveting it's way better directed then I think it gets credit for I think we're the reasons the film doesn't get that much credit is because it is sort of taken out of continuity of a larger hole if you have experienced the show when you kind of go in with the knowledge of the show us specially when it comes to characterization this phone feels way comes to characterization this phone feels way bigger and I think way better than some people might think it is I mean this even a sequence in this movie that could be a whole movie honestly or at least a really great Twilight Zone episode when Scully Falls unconscious after being stung by this beat and ambulance comes and takes her away and then the driver of that ambulance shoot smolder in the f****** head and behind him you see the real ambulance that he called for coming and you're like who the f*** did did she just disappear with that's like the start of a great Thriller and now you have to deal with that when you have a loved one who's Fallen unconscious and you call an ambulance you expect the ambulance that shows up to be the good guys but what if it just wasn't like that's a whole movie right there desperate he breaks out of the hospital he's literally been shot in the f****** head he's sweaty he's got nothing to lose he doesn't know where Scully is this is a great place to put your hero put them at their lowest point it's exciting filmmaking and great character work now there's a sequence near the end of this movie that actually is legitimately one of the scariest scenes I've ever seen in my life and it's partially very much so in my own head it's not going to affect other people in the same way when it comes to real-world fears we all have very similar things in our loved ones being hurt or whatever there are two specific things that to me are just very know one of them is being stranded in the middle of the ocean knowing that there are sharks and all kinds of things that might potentially eat me and I cannot see land on either side of me 360 there's no land I'm just floating in the ocean that's one of my biggest horrifying know the other one is claustrophobia the idea of being pressed against on all sides so like trapped in a collapsing tunnel underground that's one of the reasons The Descent call underground that's one of the reasons The Descent works so well for me there's a sequence in this movie where molders forced to crawl through this very small ice tunnel after having fallen down I don't know what 1020 stories and now he's squeezing his body through this ice tunnel and has to like move his his body all around even get through this it's just as horrifying as the goddamn Shawshank Redemption pipe I hate it so much of every time it's easily one of the best but I do think it's an extremely strong science fiction movie with great characters and you can watch it for the most part if you have seen the show and you love these characters and you understand what some of these things mean to the characters but you don't necessarily have to have all that too you don't necessarily have to have all that to at least have a passive enjoyment of the movie and I think it's wonderful if you'd never seen it check out the show of course but I also think that you should watch the film guys thank you so much as always for continuing to watch the 9th Annual Halloween special I can't believe we have gotten this far.

Published On :15 Aug 2022

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The X Files: Fight the Future

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The X Files: Fight the Future

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Published On : 15 Aug 2022
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